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Drew Chalfant

Tools for Success

Monday, September 26

Tools for Success: Franchising for Beginners 

Drew Chalfant is the managing partner of Roda Chalfant Franchise Law - the franchise attorneys who’ve been there before!  Drew has spent his entire career in the franchising industry, ascending from intern to General Counsel for a first-in-class franchise sales and development firm that was responsible for over 7,500 unit franchise sales in the U.S. and abroad. Concurrently with his franchise sales and development experience, Drew was in-house counsel for several franchise concepts, including an international boutique fitness cycling franchise, overseeing its journey from first franchise sale to strategic exit with a publicly traded international fitness company. Combining sales, development, and operations experience with the legal skills to help brands maneuver the complex world of franchise law, Drew and the team at Roda Chalfant Franchise Law truly are the franchise attorneys who’ve been there before!

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