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Dr. Lyda Garcia

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Sunday, September 25

Food & Beverage Trends: Ribeye Roll Meat-Cutting Demo

Dr. Lyda G. Garcia joined the Department of Animal Sciences in February 2015. Raised in a rural south Texas town (Hebbronville, TX) just 40 miles east of the Texas-Mexico border and ninety miles from the Gulf of Mexico, she was constantly involved in various areas of livestock. Raised by a cowboy and a public school teacher, Dr. Garcia developed a technique to relay her passion for agriculture and higher education inside and outside of the classroom.

Prior to joining the Buckeye Family, Dr. Garcia was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at Texas Tech University where she taught an undergraduate meat science course, traveled to Central America and Mexico as a food safety team member to collect and process samples for E. coli and Salmonella in beef and pork processing plants and markets, and assisted the dean’s college in increasing diversity for CASNR.

Currently, Dr. Garcia is responsible for teaching undergraduate courses in meat science (introduction to meat science, harvest and fabrication, processed meats, and meat carcass evaluation) and advises undergraduate Meat Science students.

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