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Thomas Patterson

Strategic Leadership

Sunday, September 25

Strategic Leadership: Meet & Exceed Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Goals in a Resource-Constrained Industry 

Thomas Patterson CEC is Executive Chef for Bloomberg in midtown New York City where he has worked for the past four years. He received his training and Culinary Degree from Ecole de Gastronomie, Ritz-Escoffier, Paris France. He is a Certified Executive Chef and Board Member for the ICA-ACF Big Apple Chapter. He is a member of Sodexo’s Sustainability Community of Practice and Sustainability. He oversees the Cool Food Pledge (WRI) to help reduce the climate impact of the food served at Bloomberg. He partners with Copia, a food recovery initiative to reduced food waste while donating food surplus to local communities. He is an expert in the art of open fire cooking, builds bespoke fire cooking equipment, and is committed to supporting locally grown food and farmers. His philosophy, both personally and professionally, includes promoting eco-friendly and sustainable food education.

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