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Sunday, September 25

Food & Beverage Trends: Gluten Free Cooking Demo

Heather started her career in health care and worked in various hospitals and clinics for
10 years. After the birth of her second daughter, she threatened bodily harm to her
husband if he didn't do something about his snoring. A visit to the doctor and a few tests
later, he was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and Celiac disease. This changed

The search for edible, gluten free options began in 2004 and there were not many.
Heather then decided she could do better and began to experiment with baking. Up until
this point in her life, she did everything possible to avoid baking and anything to do with
the kitchen. So, her mother, Barbara Moran, stepped in and helped develop recipes.
Between the two of them, they came up with gluten free options that everyone could
enjoy and it sparked the entrepreneur in Heather.

They started “Sinfully Gluten Free” in 2007, with the mission to serve gluten free that
everyone could enjoy together. Today, they have both gluten free and non-gluten free
customers. With her health care background, Heather is also able to help newly
diagnosed customers understand what is happening to their body and why. She has
helped many confused customers navigate their way through the transition to a gluten
free lifestyle. She has also helped several restaurants develop gluten free options for
their menu and advised them on proper food handling.

In 2013 Heather competed in her first pizza competition for the U.S. Pizza Team. Much
to everyone's surprise, she won first place by a large margin. This secured her a spot on
the team. Since then, she has traveled to Italy to compete in the World Pizza
Competition twice with the team. She has also competed two more times in the US
coming in second and fourth.

Heather's ultimate goal is to see gluten free as a main stream option that does not send
everyone into a panic.

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